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2018 HSC President’s Rifle

Well I must admit that I was a little surprised when HSC asked if I would build the President’s Rifle to be auctioned during the 2018 Convention weekend.  Let’s face it, I build practical rifles for those who are passionate about shooting sports and hadn’t the slightest idea how to tackle a rifle build that would be such a departure from just that.


So I went home that evening and opened up my gun safe.  I stared at all the “aesthetically-pleasing” rifles that I’ve never had the stomach to shoot for fear that I might get them dirty (or even worse that I might scratch them).  But then I looked at all the seemingly ordinary rifles that I’ve actually enjoyed over the years and realized that owning a rifle you never intend to utilize is just a waste.  That’s when it hit me . . . this opportunity was all about creating enjoyment and had nothing to do with producing something too intimidating to use.


So with the challenge identified, I set out to build a functional masterpiece that would be inviting to deploy while delivering both aesthetically and functionally.  If this was to be someone’s go-to hunting rifle, then it needed to perform in the field, hitting big when it counts.  The .300 Winchester Magnum was the obvious choice; field-proven like no other, this big-game cartridge would deliver plenty of knockdown power.


We built this rifle around our Stealth Precision action manufactured by Stiller’s Precision Firearms.  This precision-machined Remington 700 variant includes several functional improvements, making it the perfect platform for a precision rifle.  The action was fitted by Pete Pieper of Precision Barrel Work to a handmade 1:10” twist Hart Rifle Barrel crowned to a 26” finished length.  A protective Cerakote Coatings clear coat was applied by IA Coatings to reduce the care and maintenance burden.


The barreled action was fitted by Tommy Shurley of Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles and Stocks into a beautiful hardwood rifle stock with wood inlays and unique buttstock and floorplate engravings commemorating this rifle's service as the 2018 HSC President’s Rifle.  Pulling it all together is the Jewell HVR trigger that provides the hunter with a crisp interface to the sub-1/2-MOA precision that this functional masterpiece delivers.


No rifle is complete without quality optics.  We chose to pair this rifle with a Swarovski Z6 2.5-14X44 riflescope held firmly in place with a set of Talley Manufacturing lightweight alloy rings.  Performance in the field meets speed and convenience with the upgraded personalized ballistic cam matched to the Hornady Precision Hunter 200 gr ELD-X ammunition that we hand selected for this rifle.


Whether you are hunting pronghorn in the Texas Panhandle or moose in Saskatchewan, this precision rifle will help to make your hunt a successful one.


Houston Safari Club would like to thank the following donors for their contribution towards the 2018 President’s Rifle.


Stealth Precision Firearms ( build precision bolt-action rifles for precision shooters as well as the demanding hunter who is also passionate about quality and precision.  We are passionate hunters, outfitters and shooters who believe a precision hunting rifle can turn an average hunter into a confident one.


Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles and Stocks ( are true custom craftsman in the shooting industry who strive to build rifles that are as accurate as they are beautiful.  They feature some of the finest hardwoods in the world today offering both solid highly-figured hardwoods and custom wood-combination laminations.


Hart Rifle Barrels ( are handcrafted one at a time from only the highest grade of stainless steel delivering unparalleled performance in the shooting sports arena including several World Shooting Records in various shooting disciplines.


Swarovski Optik ( manufacture high-precision rifle scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes using state-of-the-art precision technology to provide superior performance in poor light conditions, extreme temperatures and at great distances.

SKU: 0033
  • Rifle Build Sheet

    Build Number


    Serial Number


    Rifle Series

    Stealth Hunter


    300 WIN MAG


    Stealth Precision RHLAMAG



    Barrel Contour


    Barrel Twist


    Barrel Flutes


    Barrel Length




    Barreled-Action Color

    Clear Coat


    Shurley Brothers Sporter

    Stock Color

    Satin Finish

    Bottom Metal

    Stainless Steel Oberndorf


    Jewell HVR set @ 2#


    Talley Mfg 30MM medium direct mount


    Z6 2.5-15X44-BT with PLEX reticle and PBC

    3-Shot Group

    0.491” @ 100 yds with Hornady Precision Hunter 200gr ELD-X

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