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StealthLube (4 FL OZ)

StealthLube (4 FL OZ)

  • No-mess formula stays where you put it providing targeted lubricity
  • Reduces friction to improve performance and reduce wear of critical parts
  • Performs in extreme hot and cold temperature environments
  • Protects critical parts from corrosion in the field and between deployments
  • StealthLube

    StealthLube contains Graphene, a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms 200 times stronger than steel that . . .

    • Serves as a high-performance network to carry lubricant to critical parts
    • As a single layer of carbon atoms is so thin that it is ideal for precision-machined actions
    • Has ‘super-lubricity’ characteristics to achieve near zero friction
    • Is impermeable to moisture, providing protection in the harshest of environments
    • Has high thermal conductivity to transfer heat away from moving parts
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